The 2020 Finale Concert will be Saturday, March 14 @ 4 pm

Wycliffe Gordon performs for the 11th annual Shazz Finale Concert! This is a fun, energetic concert that features our guest artists as they perform with our House Band. This concert also includes our awards ceremony for the bands and students that performed throughout the festival.

Shawano Jazz Festival Guest Artists

2010 - Robert Baca

2011 - Robert Baca, Kurt Dietrich

2012 - Eric Marienthal

2013 - Eric Marienthal, Wayne Bergeron

2014 - Eric Marienthal, Gordon Goodwin

2015 - Eric Marienthal, Andy Martin

2016 - Eric Marienthal, Chuck Loeb

2017 - Sal Lozano, Luis Bonilla

2018 - Sal Lozano

2019- Eric Marienthal