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It takes the generous support of donors like you to bring phenomenal artists and educators to Shazz, and to make sure that each festival provides an unmatched experience for students and attendees.

Regardless of your donation, the team at the Shawano Jazz Foundation wholeheartedly thanks you for your help in carrying out our mission.

Donate to the Shawano Jazz Foundation

Each year, Shazz presents remarkable performances and educational programs to nearly 400 students, by way of Master Classes, Shazz 101, and our Finale Concert. Make a gift to Shazz today and know that your tax-deductible contribution is changing the lives of so many children, families and music lovers each year.


SJF could not produce its programs and events without the incredibly generous support from numerous friends and volunteers. Shazz volunteers provide onsite assistance and plain old hard work. Volunteer with Shazz and help our organization grow and flourish.

Take a moment to sign up for the fundraising program below. Then shop ‘till you drop, and you will simultaneously be make a donation to SJF! A percentage of your spending through these programs is contributed on a quarterly basis. It’s a fast, easy way to support the Shawano Jazz Foundation.


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