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Shazz Symposium Registration 2021

Registration is closed at this time.

Symposium Schedule:
Shazz schedule 2021 (4).png
Shazz 2021 Concert.png

*Schedule is subject to change*


Although we had to cancel our 2020 Shawano Jazz Festival (Shazz), we are incredibly excited about our new opportunity this year. Introducing the first ever Shawano Jazz Symposium. This 100% virtual event will take place March 13, 2021 and will include sessions over a variety of Jazz topics such as:

  • Improvisation

  • Composition

  • Industry Careers

  • Music Education

  • Instrument specific instruction

  • And more!

This year we are offering our event free of charge to participating schools. This means you will have access to educational sessions from musicians at no cost. We are also bringing back a special guest, Wycliffe Gordon! Gordon will be hosting his own concert exclusively for our 2021 Shawano Jazz Symposium.

Register here:
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